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What is Touchdowns & Tangents?

Touchdowns and Tangents is an authentic football talk show providing NFL takes and topical tangets for the culture. Hosts and L.A. based football experts KB and Pete breakdown the NFL's news week, bring culturally concise commmentary on current events and share tangents about life


TDs and Tangents bridges the gap between football nerds and sports adjacent fans with featured call-ins and guest from journalists, entrepreneurs, and other interesting people. The TDT Show is distributed via live internet radio every Thursday and on-demand podcast apps forever after that.

The Back Story

Since 2015, Touchdowns and Tangents hosts Kenneth Berry and Pete Camarillo recorded a football podcast in some shape or form. Touchdowns and Tangents started with the two college journalists wanting a platform. They recorded around their life, oftentimes on a phone, anywhere they could get good wifi.


Over 50 episodes later, they worked out a partnership with The Good News Radio Station and expanded to the


Kenny and Pete expanded the brand doing a preshow, writing blogs, and live shows too. Intern Cerv Rogers came into the fold with a new perspective and leveled up our social media. Social Media Cerv is heard every week and seen across the @TDs_tangents social channels.

More about this Podcast

This is not your typical NFL broadcast/podcast where the journalists are the stars, the debates clout chase, the headlines lack context or the questions lack prescision. Touchdowns and Tangents covers the spectrum of local L.A. Football as well as Natonal and West Coast headlines from the NFL and College week. You will come for the culturally concise commentary and stay for the tangents. They've been bodying the competion and archives never lie. It's also known by Touchdowns and Therapy because the show is about being yourself whether you're a football analyst or new to the sports. It's also been called Touchdowns and Tantrum because sometimes in real life you just gotta spazz out.  

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